Rules of the contest “Creating a Game using Scratch” Conditions of participation: All students studying at VJU, lecturers and all staff working at VJU. Participants can register as an individual or in groups. Tools for game creation: All games must be developed using MIT’s Scratch ( Topic:  The contest is not limited to topics. Therefore, […]

The fall internship period for Masters of Nano Technology (MNT) students in Japan

From November 15 – 29, 2023, master’s students of the Nanotechnology Program of Vietnam Japan University participated in a specialized internship at Osaka University, the co-coordinating university, and several of businesses in Japan. During two weeks in Japan, MNT students had the opportunity to practice in the lab with advanced machines at Osaka University. This […]

The most awaited event of 2023, “Career Design Week 2023”, has officially started

Career Week has returned with many special activities designed to help VJU students who are about to graduate and former master’s students seeking attractive internship and job opportunities both domestically and internationally. The upcoming Career Design Week 2023 is set to be a significant event, with the participation of nearly 20 Japanese universities, Japanese companies […]

Acceptance Council for two scientific research topics of students at Vietnam Japan University

On November 10, 2023, Vietnam Japan University held an acceptance council for two student scientific research projects of two groups of students from the Bachelor Program in Computer Science and Engineering (BCSE). Upon assessment, the council deemed both research topics to be highly applicable and recommended further development to enhance their practical suitability. The Science […]

“The Swedish Welfare State in Comparative Perspective” – Lecture by Prof. Anders Lindbom, Uppsala University, Sweden

On 25th October 2023, Prof. Anders Lindbom, from Uppsala University, Sweden, delivered a special lecture to students in the Master’s Program in Public Policy (MPP) at Vietnam Japan University with the topic “The Swedish Welfare State in Comparative Perspective”. Opening the special lecture, Prof. Anders Lindbom provided a comprehensive overview of the welfare state, including […]

ANNOUNCEMENT – On the BIDV Scholarship for the Academic Year 2023 – 2024

The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has agreed to provide the scholarships to the learners of VNU Vietnam Japan University for the academic year 2023 – 2024. Therefore, VNU Vietnam Japan University (VJU) would like to announce to the learners the application process for the BIDV scholarship for the […]

RECAP YOSHINOYA SEMINAR: Food Technology With and After in Food Service

On July 12, 2023, VNU Vietnam Japan University held a seminar ” Food Tech With & After in Food-service” presented by Ms. Sutharat Wirachapan, representative of Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd.. Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd. is a large food restaurant chain business group in Japan. Over the years, Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd. and VNU Vietnam Japan […]

Interview with Professor Hironori Kato, Co-director of the Master’s Program in Civil Engineering (MCE) at Vietnam Japan University

Meet Professor Hironori Kato, Co-director of the Master’s Program in Civil Engineering (MCE), from the University of Tokyo, currently teaching MCE at Vietnam Japan University. A Master’s program in Civil Engineering (MCE) is a field that attracts many young people to study and is currently in high demand for human resources. Not only do MCE students meet the human […]