The International Conference on Sustainability in the Environment and Agriculture (ICSEA2022) was successfully held in November 11-12, 2022 at VNU Vietnam Japan University.

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Summary of the Keynote Lectures in Plenary Sessions

The 1st keynote was titled “Social Transformation for Sustainable Regional Development in Asian Countries” by Professor Kensuke Fukushi from the University of Tokyo. First, Professor Kensuke Fukushi clearly showed fundamental principles of sustainability science connecting to history of human and agriculture using examples how the global warming was accelerated by usage of nutrients and fossil fuel. Then several explanations on energy and water issues were well understandable by showing the attractive case study in Sado Island, Japan.  Next, after explaining five barriers of implementation of sustainability, Professor Kensuke Fukushi showed us the important role of resilience for sustainable development. His lecture exhibited the basic concept to think sustainability in environment and agriculture.

The 2nd keynote was titled “Environmental Sustainability of Livestock Production Systems” by Professor Ermias Kebreab from the University of California, Davis. Professor Ermias Kebreab showed a large impact of livestock production on the global environment. Especially methane emissions from livestock that are the biggest concern on GHG issue were explained. Next, Professor Ermias Kebreab showed successful experiences for methane mitigation strategies as well as good practices carried out in Vietnam. The effectiveness of improving feed and its additives such as seaweed was also shown, that was explained by using rumen microbiological study. His lecture showed practical and advanced leading-edge studies for sustainable agriculture.

The 3rd keynote was titled “Biological Advanced Oxidation Process (Bio-AOP) –An Innovative Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development” by Professor Yutaka Sakakibara from Waseda University.  Professor Yutaka Sakakibara’s talk started with showing distribution of persistent organic pollutants such as DDTs, lindane and PCB in Vietnam. Next, widespread antimicrobial resistance caused by antibiotics was also explained. Such chemical contaminations have been detected in agricultural field. To mitigate such pollution including agriculture field, Professor Yutaka Sakakibara has been studying Bio-AOP that is combination of conventional AOP and plants. His lecture suggested the process of new technology development to solve the problem that cannot be solved or sometimes caused by the old technology.

The 4th keynote was titled “Pathways to Sustainability in Industrial and Livelihood Agriculture” by Professor Akihiko Kamoshita from the University of Tokyo. Started by two questions: “what is agriculture?” and “what is sustainability?”, the lecture presented various his idea for sustainable agriculture. Professor Akihiko Kamoshita pointed out that characteristics of agriculture were production of basic commodities, production of other utilities as multifunctionality, uniting all the people of the communities as its stakeholders, and connection with their history and culture. Next, smart farming and smart food systems were explained. His lecture was concluded by strong messages for consideration of ethical, legal, and social issues.

The 5th keynote was “Research and Development of Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture” by Professor Le Huy Ham from Agricultural Genetics Institute, Vietnam. Professor Le Huy Ham explained that biotechnology has become a powerful tool for crop improvement and crop production. Vietnam started biotechnology with micropropagation of several crops. Molecular breeding is one of the most used biotechnology methods for crop breeding. Molecular markers have been applied for breeding. Although genetic manipulation research has been carried out in several crops, this research remains in laboratory. Professor Le Huy Ham explained that the country has developed a regulatory framework for cultivation and use of genetically modified crops.

Plenary Sessions chaired by Professor Jun Nakajima and Dr. Hoang Thi Thu Duyen. After the keynote lectures, the Chairs gave a summary of the plenary sessions and leaded the dialogue and panel discussion followed by the Q&A session. The audience and speakers discussed on topics relevant to sustainability in the environment and agriculture. Through the Q&A session, the conference provided a platform for all participants to broaden their network and create new research collaborations.

Sponsored by : VINIF, JICA

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