Research Overview

Being a new university model, which is built upon the Japanese universities with appropriate adjustment to the context of Vietnam, VJU aims to becoming an international university opened to all students around the world, and developing with financial autonomy and privatization of resource mobilization. The university focuses on developing interdisciplinary integrated social and natural sciences (under the domain of sustainable science), associated with current development trends, requirements of manufacturing enterprises, as well as the university’s missions and visions.

Not only aims at providing high quality human resources, VJU also plans to develop their own research activities in order to bring more comprehensive, advanced and innovative technical solutions for the problems faced by industries and social development stages.

The researches will be identified and implemented by VJU lecturers and/or VJU students under direct supervisions of a team of elite professors from Japan universities, VNU and other well-known universities.

We do hope that with the above mentioned research directions, VJU will be able to become a hub in attracting Japanese companies who wish to deploy or outsource R&D activities in Vietnam.