Vietnam-Japan University and Hosei University launch Series Workshops: UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT

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On Sep 28, 2021, Vietnam-Japan University (VJU) and Hosei University launched the collaborative online workshop series for “The University Administration and Management”.

The 2021 virtual-workshop dedicated to advancing the discussion about the University Administration and Management, is followed by the successful seminar series in 2020.

The first online workshop, titled "Support/ Manage International Students" kicked off the series of workshops in favor of consistent and engaged students in university.

The session was co-hosted by VJU and Hosei University with the participation of –Mr. Yoshio Hirayama, Executive Trustee, Director of Academic Strategy and Planning Office of Hosei University; Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh - Vice Rector of VJU, JICA experts and the staff members of the Administrative and Student Affair Offices from both University, roughly 40 attendees.

Throughout the workshop, the representatives of VJU - Dr. Nguyen Thuy Hang and Hosei – Mr. Ryosuke OKADA respectively shed some lights about current situations, Student Services and Supports process, some primary issues specifically focus on International Student as well as Financial Aid policies, Scholarship source and Orientative Career.

The seminar ended with the positive updates from the Q & A session. VJU and Hosei appreciate how much value the international experience, perspective and diversity that Overseas Students bring to the learning environment, so that the University is always eager to support and welcome student’s interest.

Hosei University has risen sharply at 13 in the rankings and studying destinations in countries in recent years. The effective cooperation of VJU and Hosei in this workshop greatly towards an enduring appeal for further operations. Subsequently, the second workshop “Internal branding” and the third one “Administrative staff training system” will be continuing in the next following months.

Some pictures from the meeting

(The Representatives and member staffs excitedly participated the Seminar)


(The Current Situation about International Students and its potentials from VJU presentation)

(The active engagement in Q&A session)



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