Looking back to the meeting Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with VNU and VJU

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In memory of the late Shinzo Abe, we would like to re-post our article about his meeting with Vietnam National University and Vietnam Japan University on January 17, 2017



On the morning of January 17, during his Vietnam visit, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with representatives from Vietnam National University and Vietnam Japan University at Sheraton hotel, Hanoi. 

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

During his speech, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emphasized: "Vietnam Japan University is a project of utmost importance, a symbol of the two countries’ friendship, and an institution that trains skilled workforce for Japan and Vietnam.”

Prime Minister Abe hopes that students will make the best use of their time at VJU and contribute to Vietnam’s future development, as well as bridge the gap between Japan and Vietnam.

Mr. Abe promised to consider Vietnam National University, Hanoi Director’s request, and assured full support from the Government of Japan, Japanese organizations, and businesses for VJU and its students. 

Mr. Nguyen Kim Son, Director of Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Japan Prime Minster Shinzo Abe

On behalf of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Director Nguyen Kim Son sincerely thanked Prime Minister Abe for continuously supporting the establishment of Vietnam Japan University, an affiliate of Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He also expressed hope that the Japanese Government continues to support Vietnam Japan University, especially by approving the ODA funding for Vietnam Japan University’s construction in order to make the school a prestigious university in the area and internationally. 

Vietnam Japan University Rector Furuta Motoo and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

On behalf of VJU, Rector Furuta Motoo said: "Following the launch of the Vietnam Japan University, we garnered tremendous interest and expectations from the public. In order to meet such expectations, besides our own efforts, the mutual agreement, commitment, and support by both Vietnam and Japan Governments are also crucial.”

Representing the first ever cohort of Vietnam Japan University’s students, Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, an Area Studies graduate student shared: "At VJU, we are provided with the opportunity not only to study and research with professors from top universities in Japan, but also to build a strong network, all to further Vietnam’s sustainable development in the future. Thus, we are fully confident in our capability to work and be productive locally and internationally, to contribute to the region’s peaceful and sustainable development.”


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