How I study MNT at VJU by Khine Wai Zin from Myanmar

Admissions | 25/06/2021 | 421


Hi! Everyone. I am Khine Wai Zin from Myanmar who is one of the 5th intake student of Master of Nanotechnology program in Vietnam Japan University from 2020. 

The main reason why I choose to study nanotechnology is to combine my Master’s in Adaptive Metallurgy with the Master’s in Nanotechnology. I really want to know how I can apply my knowledge background to the future of science, Nanotechnology. And, the unique properties of nanomaterials which are totally different from the bulk never cease to amaze me whenever I learn about it. In that way, Nanotechnology become my field of study that matches my interest for my further study.

The reason why I keep falling in love with the Nanotechnology is because of the MNT program of VJU. I genuinely enjoy all the classes, and I am always excited to learn something new every day.  Even though, I can’t join the class physically at VJU because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the professors, staffs and my classmates take care of me and help a lot. The unique teaching style and the learning materials offered by the professors make me easier to follow the lessons. The numerous amounts of scholarship programs of VJU become one of my reasons to study there.

I have already got incredible amount of knowledge and experiences after completing only two semesters. Although there are piles of assignments, reports, presentations and exams for each subject, I still enjoy all the classes a lot. I exactly know that these challenges will boost my skills which will make me to one step closer to my future goal of becoming a research professor.

After completing the course, I am planning to pursue a Doctoral degree through a scholarship program. I am quite sure that the experiences that I get from MNT program will support a lot to follow my dream. 


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