2021 Vietnamese Teacher’s Day Appreciation Celebration of Vietnam Japan University

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Being a teacher is more than a mere job. It is a vocation that fulfills with a lot of passion. Vietnam Japan University (VJU) has both Vietnamese and Japanese lecturers who are day and night teaching students with warm hearts and countless effort. To appreciate lecturers’ hard work, on November 19, 2021, VJU celebrated the 39th anniversary of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

It is traditional for Vietnamese to send wishes and presents to teachers in person. Due to the widespread of the Coronavirus in Hanoi, the event was held both onsite and online via Zoom. However, VJU lecturers, staff, and students still eagerly participated in the celebration to commemorate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

                                                            The celebration took place both online and offline

Speaking at the ceremony, Rector Furuta acknowledged and recognized the contribution of VJU lecturers and staff to the achievements in the mission of training and scientific research during the spread of Coronavirus.

Despite the limitation of direct contact, the learning, research, and soft skills development activities of the trainees also took place quite excitingly. Moreover, the number of published researches by lecturers in the university is increasing both in quality and quantity. Many lecturers in the school continuously receive awards in science - technology at all levels. The percentage of graduate students receiving graduate scholarships in advanced countries remains high.

The rector stated that the investment project to build a school in Hoa Lac has new developments, bringing the dream of having a spacious and modern training and research facility closer to reality. With the dedication to the profession of the lecturers, the excellence of the students, Vietnam Japan University will soon affirm its position as a world-class university representing a good relation between Vietnam and Japan.

                                                                    Rector Furuta’s speech at the celebration

At the event, the representatives of VJU bachelor and master students sent video messages to lecturers expressing their gratitude for the unremitting efforts of the enthusiastic lecturers. Dr. Tran Thi Viet Ha, lecturer of the Master’s program of Environmental Engineering, represented VJU lecturers to share some thoughts about this meaningful day. After nearly 3 years teaching at VJU, Dr. Ha expressed her sincere thank for a memorable journey with VJU, in which she has guided many students, worked with wonderful colleagues to publish many international research papers and will continue to contribute to VJU mission of nurturing high-quality human resources to be the next generation of leaders, managers, and experts in Vietnam, Japan and the world.

                                                      VJU students’ radio session to show their gratitude to lecturers

                                         Lecturers and staff taking pictures to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

                                                         Celebrating Teacher’s Day with some sweets



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