Japanese Language Education Center (JLEC)

Vietnam is undergoing the most dynamic changes in the Japanese language education industry in the world. The number of Japanese language learners in Vietnam is now the highest in the world, and both the number of  Japanese language teachers and the number of Japanese language education institutions in Vietnam are the highest in the world.

On the other hand, Vietnam is facing many issues that need to be resolved, including a shortage of experts in the field of Japanese language education, delays in the development of Japanese language education practices by field of specialization, and research into teaching materials, including online materials.

At the Japan-Vietnam summit meeting in May 2018, the opening of the JLEC was welcomed by a statement that "cooperation will be strengthened to further improve the environment for Japanese language education" by then Prime Minister Abe and then President Quang of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In March 2022, For promoting Japanese language education and other educational activities in Vietnam, Vietnam Japan University, a member university of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, and With us corporation, a company with over 45 years of experience in the education business through cram school and correspondence high schools has signed the contract about JLEC's joint management.

We have been unable to conduct full-scale activities due to the global spread of COVID-19, But in August 2022, JLEC's activities were fully launched at the JLEC DEBUT CEREMONY with the attendance of many government and business officials, universities and Japanese language education.

We will strengthen cooperation in the fields of Japanese language education and Japanese language teacher training, and through the practice of Japanese language education for a wide range of age groups, we aim to develop human resources who will take on the challenge from Vietnam to Asia and from Asia to the world.

In addition, we will mutually cooperate with each other to produce human resources who can play an active role at the international level in solving global issues.



       We aim to become a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Japanese language research and education not only in Vietnam but also in the ASEAN and Asian region.




     ・Improve the quality of Japanese language education in Vietnam and the ASEAN and Asian region.
     ・Training of high quality teachers and securing the number of teachers.




    Through various educational activities, including Japanese language education, we contribute to the development of people who can play an active role in the internat ionalcommunity by improving the skills and expanding the possibilities of learners.

By leveraging the strengths of both Vietnam's higher education institution, Vietnam Japan University, and Japan's private educational institution With us corp. We will create new values to improve the quality of Japanese-language education in Vietnam.

Reason why you should choose JLEC?

・A wide range of curriculum to suit the needs of each learner.
・A teaching method that takes advantage of the strengths of both Japanese and Vietnamese instructors.
・Curriculum developed by combining the knowledge of Vietnam Japan University and a private educational institution With us corp.


Japanese Language Education Center affiliated with Vietnam Japan University(JLEC)                                    
Mail:  vju-jlec@vju.ac.vn                                
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JLEC-affiliated-with-VJU-104209052319085                                

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