Assoc.Prof. Shinichi Takeda

JICA Expert, Lecturer


Associate Professor Shinichi Takeda completed the master's program from Department of Traffic Engineering Nihon University in 1991. His master's thesis was about the relationship between zoning and Spatial interaction model output.

From 1991 to 1993 he worked for Technology Development Takenaka.

In 1993, he moved to Department of Social Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT, Tokyo), he paid close attention to the analysis results and data quality and started research related to "International Development".

Since 2000 he moved to Faculty of International Studies, Takushoku University

In 2001, he was the sisiting lecturer at Asian Institute of Technology on ASEAN - Japan Transportation Platform (AJTP; Database construction for Transportation) with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and ASEAN Secretariat

Since 2021-present he is a JICA expert, lecturer at Vietnam Japan University.


His current theme is about: "Resident participation type road repair technology using LBT (Labour Based Technology"; Curently, he analyzing the verification of the impact of design technology obtained by dispatching labor overseas to local private road repair technology in rural areas in northeastern Thailand; and he also conducts comparative verification with Japanese rural areas.


He has taught at Vietnam Japan University for some courses at the master level, especially for students of Master's program in Infrastructure Engineering.