Dr. Nguyen Thi An Hang

Program Director


Bachelor:  Biology, VNU University of Science

Master: Soil Science and Environment, VNU University of Science

PhD: Environmental Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)



-  Water and wastewater pollution treatment

-  Soil decontamination and reclamation, Fabrication and application of environmental biomaterials (e.g., agrowaste based bio-sorbents) and green bioprocessing

technologies (e.g., bio-sorption, phytoremediation, constructed wetlands, etc.)

-  Water-waste-bioenergy nexus (e.g., anaerobic digestion, hydrothermal carbonization, etc.),

- Nutrient removal and recovery,

- Solid waste management, Circular economy, and Sustainability science.




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[2] T.A.H., Nguyen, H.H., Ngo, W.S., Guo, T.H.H., Nguyen, S., Soda, N.D., Vu, T.K.A., Bui, T.D.H., Vo, X.T., Bui, T.T., Nguyen, 2020. White hard clam (Meretrix lyrata) shells media to improve phosphorus removal in lab-scale horizontal sub-surface flow constructed wetlands: Performance, removal pathways, and lifespan. Bioresource Technology, 312, 123602. (ISI, Q1, IF: 9,642)

[3] T.A.H., Nguyen, H.H., Ngo, W.S., Guo, T.T., Nguyen, N.D., Vu, S., Soda, T.H.H., Nguyen, M.K., Nguyen, T.V.H., Tran, T.T., Dang, V.H., Nguyen, T.H.Cao, 2020. White hard clam (Meretrix lyrata) shells as novel filter media to augment the phosphorus removal from wastewater. Science of The Total Environment, 741, 140483, (ISI, Q1, IF: 7,963)