Collaboration Overview

VJU signed working comprehensive partnership agreement with ANA airline, Japan

International collaboration is always construed as an integral part of the development strategy of VNU-Vietnam Japan University (VJU). As such, the university has intensively networked and cooperated with prestigious universities, organizations and research institutes in foreign countries, especially the institutions in Japan, in order to bolster teaching, learning and research activities.

Currently, VJU has number of coordinating universities and partner universities. VJU coordinating universities are the universities which cooperating with VJU to operate Masters’ programs. The VJU partner universities can be understood as the universities with many different cooperating activities with VJU such as education, R&D promotion and academic exchanges. (Learn more about VJU Coordinating Universities and Partner Universities)

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) in training and research have been signed and effectively implemented between VJU and Japan’s top universities, which has opened up great opportunities for staff, faculty and students to broaden their knowledge and expertise in innovative learning and research environment. The MOUs are also signed between VJU and other universities in Vietnam to open new cooperating opportunities, and forming excellent research groups as well.

VJU has strategically partnered with high-profile international and domestic companies to implement exchange and internship programs which have provided students with the professional work environment to hone up skills and unleash full potential.

VJU is also widely known as a venue for conferences and symposiums attended by scholars and researchers all over the world.