Bachelor Programs

1. Japanese Studies (open from September 2020)

The Bachelor's program in Japanese Studies (opened in September 2020) is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive training program on Japanese Studies, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences... Working environment encourages students to self-study and develop their own capacity to adapt to the changes in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

See information about the Bachelor program in Japanese Studies here


2. Computer Science and Engineering (opened from 2021)

Learners will be provided with a wide range of necessary skills and knowledge in the fields of hardware, software, data analysis based on artificial intelligence (AI). The program is developed to encourage learners' creativity and ability and motivation for application of technologies for sustainable human development.

See information about the Bachelor program in Computer Science and Engineering here


3. Civil Engineering (open 2022)

Civil Engineering is the third training program selected by VJU to open a university system after considering ways to promote the university's strengths and dedication to the higher education field of Vietnam and contribute to the development of multi-faceted cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the new era.
Therefore, unlike the training programs in the field of Construction Engineering, the program in Civil Engineering of Vietnam Japan University has been built on an interdisciplinary basis between the majors of Construction Project Management, Civil and industrial construction, and Traffic and urban construction. Along with that is the combination of general and necessary knowledge for the 21st century aiming to train human resources for domestic and foreign construction with high qualifications and competitiveness in the market domestic workers, Japan and other countries in the world in the period of industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0.

See information about the Civil Engineering program here


4. Smart Agriculture and Sustainability (open 2022)

The Smart Agriculture and Sustainability program equips students with a solid foundation in agricultural science,
Interdisciplinary knowledge of crop science and the ability to apply digital technology to the agricultural production chain in 03 intensive directions on ecological farming techniques, advanced scientific and technical applications in agricultural farming Japanese-style industry, especially applying digital technology 4.0, Creating and managing agricultural enterprises, in order to ensure the development of agriculture in harmony with ecological and human values.

See information about the Smart Agriculture and Sustainability program here


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