After more than 40 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relation (1973-2015), Vietnam – Japan relation hascomprehensively developed in all aspects. In 2009, the two countries elevated this relationship to the level of strategic partnership to demonstrate political reliability and reflect the full-blown development in all areas.
Japan is a developed country with strengths in science and advanced technology with many world leading universities. In the socio-economic development of Vietnam, Japan has always held a special position. In 2015, Japan is the largest ODA donor of Vietnam and is the second largest FDI investor into Vietnam.
Nearly 30 years after the Doi Moi, Vietnam has had many economic and social achievements. However, its economic growth in recent years is slowing down, and Vietnam is on the verge of middle income trap. To achieve higher and continuous growth over the next decade, Vietnam should generate new development momentum that are based on science and technology capability and high-quality manpower.
In this context, the establishment of VJU is expected to create a new momentum of socio-economic development and contribute to add more values to Japanese investments in Vietnam. VJU is also expected to become a center of cultural and academic exchanges between Vietnam and Japan.


Let's take a look at the development of VJU in the following video clip: