Message from the Rector

Sustainable development is an urgent task for the world as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and for both Vietnam and Japan. Vietnam Japan University (VJU) is promoting sustainable development as a basic philosophy of the university by transmitting new values to the world. 

By 2035, VJU is aiming to become one of the leading Asian research universities in the field of advanced technology and interdisciplinary sciences serving sustainable development, it is necessary to train human resources with a broad perspective. Therefore, VJU makes liberal art as a philosophy of education. It is a big feature of VJU’s education to combine sustainability and liberal arts.

Now VJU has eight master’s programs, namely Public Policy, Nanotechnology, Area Studies, Infrastructure Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Business Administration, Climate Change and Development and Global Leadership. VJU is also planning to open undergraduate programs which embodies liberal arts education philosophy.

These are interdisciplinary programs covering many fields of social science and natural science, all residing under the overall domain of sustainability science.

Prof. Furuta Motoo