Meeting with managers of Human Resource divisions from Japanese companies

Thursday, September 19, 2019

DENKEIREN, the organization handling mainly personnel affairs and human relations in the electric equipment industry, visited VJU recently in their DENKEIREN Overseas Study Tour.

VJU students had conversations in person with member companies’ managers of human resources divisions of DENKEIREN

DENKEIREN was established in October 2001 and its formal name is Japan Employers’ Federation of Electrical, Electronics & Information Industries. It contains 58 members from electronics manufacturer companies. Three main components of activity: Information sharing, human resource development, advocacy regarding to the measures for personal management and labor relation.

The Rector of VJU Prof. Furuta Motoo introduced about VJU philosophy of education

As one of the activities, DENKEIREN conducts Overseas Study Tour to Asian countries every year, and on September 18, 11 representatives from Japanese manufacture companies came to VJU and joined the meeting with VJU lecturers and students. Their main purpose is to be of some help in taking a larger view and globalization of member companies; to learn the reality of economic development, working condition and educational situation through visits of local enterprises, educational organization, embassy, etc; and to be exposed culture and history of the country through visiting the local/historical areas.

In the welcoming speech from the Rector of VJU Prof. Furuta Motoo, he addressed VJU’s philosophy of training high – quality human resources who has a broader vision to the world economy. It is liberal arts education and sustainability science. With the two philosophies, Vietnam Japan University has the mission to provide international quality human resources to become professionals, leaders and managers in Vietnam, Japan, in the region and in the world.

The Rector Prof. Furuta Motoo and the Vice Rector of VJU Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh held a discussion with DENKEIREN members

In the meeting, Prof. Furuta Motoo and the Vice Rector of VJU Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh had a discussion session with DENKEIREN representatives about the training activity at VJU in specific, and the overall education in Vietnam in general.

The last activity of the visit was the most expected session when the DENKEIREN members had a meetup in person with VJU lecturers and students to exchange understandings about the labor market of Japanese companies in Vietnam, what Japanese enterprises want to see in their prospective staffs, etc. This is a bilateral listening and sharing between the students, lecturers and members from DENKEIREN.



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