How to survive in Japan? - Orientation Week for student before their Japan Internship trip

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1/8 - 11/8/2017 Vietnam Japan University (VJU) under Vietnam National University had organized a series of programs to help students prepare for their coming Internship in Japan.

Exciting though Vietnam Japan University’s students are when the Academic and R&D Promotion Department release an announcement on Internship in Japan, VJU believes that there are definitely barriers and gap created by cultural differences that may interfere with the trip. Hence, the University provides a sequence of course given by Japanese professors, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) experts and VJU expert who spent a long time studying and living in Japan.

JICA Vietnam Officer – Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Khanh, run the first course. As students are going to go to Japan as a participant of JICA’s Knowledge Co-Creation Program, they have to comply with certain regulations and obligations relevant to accommodation and Japan’s laws and ordinances. She emphasized how students can access to JICA support in Medical service and allowances. Moreover, she provided each step of procedures for departure: passport, visa and air ticket.

After standing on the ground of Japan, there must be a thousand questions and worries for daily demands in students’ mind, such as internet connection, traffic rules, public transportation, etc. Understanding this anxiety, Dr. Pham Tien Thanh, VJU Expert in Academic, passed on several tips that he took from a long time living in Japan.

Out of many fatal menaces in Japan, what people always talk about are earthquake and nuclear plants. However, under the introduction and guide from Associate Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Katayama, students know how to react when there is a sign of an earthquake, and the place they are going to stay is safe and not affected by nuclear plants.

A critical factor helping a person adapting to a new nation, new people is to penetrate that nations’ culture. Nobody wants to have embarrassing moments because of lacking knowledge of manners while doing business in a foreign country, not to mention that Japanese always appreciate manners in any affair or to be lost and frustrated in a university campus. Hence, the later part of the series is relevant to Japan culture and style on a daily basis. First, JICA Expert, Takashi Suzue taught students a lesson of the business manner in Japanese company, and Prof. Dr. Satoshi Miyazaki of Japanese program gives the last two courses on Japanese as a foreign language for interaction. Students get to know necessary information and note to leave a good impression with their Japanese peers and colleagues.

Students are interested in those courses and naturally confess their feelings and thoughts before going to Japan. Studying by books is good but nothing is better than listening to experience from predecessors and learning from native Japanese to prepare in advance for the internship in Japan. Vietnam Japan University, with executives rich in Japanese experience and Japanese doctors, professions, experts, is willing to support students at any time to bring them a safe and pleasant trip.



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