Climate change Adaptation From Interdisciplinary Knowledge

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

SARNCCAR is a valuable science and community – based project which gives VJU students the opportunity to expose to and conduct the real-world climate change adaptation specifically in Southeast Asia and Japan. 

A VJU student of MCCD and a researcher from Philippines discussed at Xuan Thuy National Park


Interdisciplinary approaches

The Master’s Program in Climate Change (MCCD) in Vietnam Japan University (VJU) is new model program established in Vietnam generally. The program welcomes students from various disciplines, from the social sciences, natural sciences and governance officers to the MCCD program at VJU to improve the knowledge and skills to meet the urgent needs of Vietnam in particular and the world in general on responding to climate change. 

Originated as part of the inter-multi-disciplinary programs under VJU, the MCCD includes research-oriented courses to be scientists, an educator or an expert on the climate change and management-oriented courses to be a manager, a policymaker and a social leader who has general, sustainable vision on the climate change problems, not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries around the world.

In the end of 2018, Southeast Asia Research-based Network on Climate Change Adaptation Science (SARNCCAR) was established to network researchers from 4 countries: Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Philippines from many disciplines in order to encourage different voices and contribute research-base and community-based researches into a common message toward climate change adaptation science. The MCCD (VJU) and Ibaraki University are the two host for the first workshop on 20th and 21st 2018, in Hanoi and Nam Dinh province.

For the knowledgeably valuable workshop, VJU students had precious lessons through discussions with researchers from all over the world. 

VJU students talked about their research about climate change adaptation


"Crossroad” and "My Timeline” as the third tool for changing mindset of us for disaster prevention

Prof. Ito Tetsuji, lecturer of subject "Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” in the MCCD presented his poster about disaster prevention which is one of the most important precaution activities. With his research in Vietnam, Ito links case studies of Japanese prevention for natural disasters.

He mentioned about the disaster prevention training workshop, especially "Crossroad” and "My Time Line”, at elementary and junior high school in Joso City and great education effect for Japanese children. 

Prof. Ito Tetsuji, lecturer of subject "Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” in the MCCD 


Sustainable Community Based Tourism in South of Thailand

Fron Phuket Rajabhat University, Ms. Kook Kanokwan Kaewuthai, lecturer of Faculty of Agriculture Technology brought her poster about Sustainable Community Based Tourism in South of Thailand to the workshop.

Through sharing her research with other researchers and VJU students, her voices was listened to raise the awareness of sustainable development of tourism through helping community recognize of their own way of life and natural resource. Her presentation indicated that conversation between scientists with community is to reduce global warming.

She was also very interested in the workshop and how VJU students interacted with researchers eagerly. "This is the very chance that VJU students is given, which opens valuable opportunities for students to achieve more advanced knowledge about climate change adaptation from different view of points, different disciplines. I am so surprised by the way they communicate with researchers, confidently and enthusiastically.” 

Assoc. Prof. Kook Kanokwan Kaewuthai, lecturer of Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Phuket Rajabhat University


Community – based adaptation: enhancing climate change resilience of communities and ecosystems through participatory watershed management

Prof. Juan M. Pulhin, Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance, University of the Philippines Los Banos came to SARNCCAR workshop with his team’s research about their efforts of networking communities and other stakeholders to ensure its Baroro Watershed (in La Union Province in the Philippines) sustainable provision of different services and to achieve resilience from climate change and related disasters.

The aim of the activity was to provide awareness to the participants on the value of our watershed and exposure to various watershed monitoring equipment and procedures and farming systems.

Prof. Juan M. Pulhin, Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance, University of the Philippines Los Banos


Sharing is Learning

"Sharing is Learning” is the message of SARNCCAR, which means every single voice will be heard, appreciated and learned from each other.In the first activity, no matter where people come from, no matter how old they are, no matter discipline they are working on, ideas and experience are respected.  

Student and researcher discussed about climate change in Nam Dinh Province


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