Why Giving to VJU

Dear sponsors,

On behalf of teachers, students and staffs at Vietnam Japan University, I would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship to VJU. Thanks to your donation, we can further our work in building a typical research university in Vietnam according to the philosophy of liberal arts and sustainable development. Our hope of neutralizing high-quality human resources and providing high quality research products in advanced technologies, engineering and interdisciplinary science to areas and the world has been gradually actualized by your helps in facilities and other resources. Many applied researches have been published on the prestigious papers.

The sponsorships open many opportunities for VJU students to achieve their goals on academics and research activities. VJU students have valuable chances to do their internships in prestigious corporations in Japan, where they gain a lot of useful practical knowledge that cannot be learned from schools.


Beyond our expectations, a lot of VJU student are now working on the sponsor entrepreneurs, where they were trained and entirely adapted to the working standards there.

Moreover, the scholarships for not only merit students but also the indigent students, who have to suffer the difficulties in life have helped them to continue their study and create a brighter future after.

Over all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to your contribution that creates big motivations for both VJU teachers and students to keep on working and studying with our mission of spreading knowledge for sustainable development. VJU believes and hopes that in the coming time, there will be more opportunities for cooperation with corporations or individuals. VJU wishes to receive the continuing attention and help of your business for the community.




Furuta Motoo


Why giving to VJU?

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal scholarships for students of 3rd Intake in Master's Program in Nanotechnology

Whether you are big or small entrepreneurs/organizations or individuals, you can contribute to the world’s sustainable development by sponsoring VJU – where the future generations – students from all over the world are learning and practicing. With your helps in our academic and research activities, VJU students have valuable opportunities to access the training and research ecosystem according to the philosophy of liberal arts and sustainable development. Particularly, VJU students can achieve goals of academics and applications such as studying in modern laboratories, doing internships in VJU’s partner corporations in Japan. VJU students will become productive citizens to enrich their countries with new ideas and projects after graduation.

Also thanks to donations, many indigent students can continue their studies to make a better life for their family and society in the future.

Through VJU giving program, you will become a part of the construction of the excellent research university model in Vietnam, which is considered as a timeless symbol of beautiful cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.

VJU commits to the preservation and spread of received values to the community through the contributing activities to the society.