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Graduation Intake 1

21st July 2018



The graduation ceremony for the first class of high-quality education model of Vietnam Japan University will be held in the afternoon of July 21, 2017 in Hanoi.


Vietnam Japan University – Vietnam National University, Hanoi is a symbol for strategic partnership between Vietnam and Japan. It is expected by Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to soon become an advanced university at regional level, where advancements in international education, strengths and values of two countries converge. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emphasizes that VJU is a significant anchor to Japan – Vietnam relationship, a symbol of fruitful cooperation and high-quality human resources training.


VJU was built as a research university on the ground of leading Japanese institutions. It seeks to become a leading research university in Asia by 2035, for advanced technology and multidisciplinary science that facilitate sustainable development building off the advantages of Vietnam and Japan.


Launched in September 2016, VJU offered six master’s programs to the first cohort (2016-2018) by coordinating with leading Japanese universities, namely Public Policy (with University of Tsukuba), Nano Technology (with Osaka University), Area Studies (with University of Tokyo), Infrastructure Engineering (with University of Tokyo), Environmental Engineering (with University of Tokyo and Ritsumeikan University) and Business Administration (with Yokohama National University).


These are full-time training programs with syllabus and teaching technology transferred from partner Japanese institutions. All teaching is delivered in English, and over 50% class are delivered by lecturers from Japanese universities.