Our Alumni

Our alumni has been and always will be a direct reflection on our quality education. They have made – and continue to make – their marks and achieve excellence in pursuing higher education at leading universities and a variety of fields such as business processing, export operation executive, researching, banking, etc.

Alumni Path Career at a glance: VJU 1st Intake Career Survey

Alumni Portraits

Nguyen Van Anh

MPP 1st Intake


We get to see, hear and experience the real world of policy making in many parts of the world

I am thankful for this opportunity and also to VJU where I have spent my two years in the MPP Program. I received much support from the school staff and valuable lessons from various “sensei”. With the worldwide experience of our “senseis” from Japan USA, China or Africa, we get to see, hear and experience the real world of policy making in many parts of the world. Especially the internship to Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan left us in awe with the disciplined yet creative policy implementation of the prefecture in particular and of Japan in general. I have been able to incorporate much of what I learned in my approach to projects at work. All in all, there are lessons that are hard to put in to words yet I am certain that each VJU-er has embraced a good part of Japan in their hearts into whatever they are doing right now.


Nguyen Anh Hao

MBA 1st Intake


VJU – A university that nurtures potential scientific researchers

VJU provides an international studying environment, in which students are able to experience Japanese culture in Vietnam. Two-year studying at VJU has brought me many opportunities to improve my academic knowledge and research skills. I have learnt a lot from specialized professors, was nominated for international exchange program and improve soft skills through extra-curriculum activities. Specially, 4-month internship in Japan broadened my mindset with wonderful field trips and full of unforgettable memories. It taught me how amazing Japan is in terms of technology, working style as well as cultural diversity and richness.


Nguyen Thi Ngoc

MEE 1st Intake


I will bring what I have learned in Japan to apply for my research in Vietnam, dedicate myself to my homeland, have opportunity to work in VJU and share my knowledge to Vietnamese students

After graduating from Vietnam Japan University, I continue my studies as a Ph.D. student at Kyoto University, Japan. I have a great chance to study and work in such a very professional academic environment with the most cutting-edge technologies, modern facilities and all the resources I need to fulfill my academic and personal potential in Japan. Students and lecturers are enthusiastic and passionate about science and they are always willing to help each other and share knowledge. I realized that this has been the right path that I have chosen for my scientific career. VJU gave me the best favorable conditions and wings for my dream to fly higher and farther. I hope after completing my course at Kyoto University, I can bring what I have learned in Japan to apply for my research in Vietnam, dedicate myself to my homeland, have opportunity to work in VJU and share my knowledge to Vietnamese students.


Bui Duc Tri

MNT 1st Intake


I have the chance to get inspired with great ideas and different approaches, as well as learn skills to actualize these ideas and apply them in the reality

Under the guidance and teaching of professors in Vietnam Japan University, I have accumulated a variety of knowledge and useful skills for my profession in the field of Nanotechnology applying for Pharmacy and Medicine. These are invaluable assets helping me enhance my competency and adaptability to integrate to the international environment. At the moment, I am preparing for the enrollment of the Doctoral Program at Tsukuba University in April 2019 following MEXT scholarship. The scholarship brings me a valuable opportunity to extend my knowledge and do research into advanced sciences applying Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, especially the innovations in therapies based on achievements of Nano sciences. I am very excited and waiting for the next-coming journey in Japan.


Nguyen Huyen Trang

MAS 1st Intake


You will grow in ways beyond your expectations and you will open doors which you did not know exist for you

My aspiration for pursuing higher education in one of the best educational environments had been nurtured from days at VJU. I truly cherish this because it was the missing piece in my career that I had always looking for. There are so much more I have learnt from the 2 years studying at VJU. I think there are the most important life-changing lessons I have got as a learner, an employer, an educator and a researcher and as a person, at VJU.


Nguyen Sy Cuong

MIE 1st Intake


VJU assisted me to be high-worth in the global engineer market

Two months after graduating, I cam to Japan and worked as a design engineer at the headquarter of Juntos Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka City, a well-known company in the field of bridge design, inspection – maintenance and construction. The first target in my career path is to become a high-skill international engineer. VJU assisted me to obtain crucial criteria that an engineer must pass in order to be high-worth in the global engineer market. Firstly, the prerequisite is to be able to communicate in the foreign language. By using English as the main language at VJU, I have improved my English level a lot. Besides that, some Japanese credits are so useful for who are planning to work in Japan. Secondly, the thing made me become different compared with other candidates is the multi-major knowledge which VJU students have taught comprehensively every day. Finally, I cannot fail to mention the adaptability. Nowadays, the world is changing quickly with IoT, AI, 3D print… With the adaptability I have learned from VJU, I can adapt quickly to not only the micro changes in the working environment but also that macro changes. I believe strongly that with precious things I learnt from VJU, I can go farther and get more success in my career path